Management Plans...

The Management of Castle Holding Corp.
is being formed with the intention of growing a successful company dedicated to the well -being of its shareholders, investment partners and the general public. Professionals from the medical, general scientific, financial and marketing skills as well as other talents are joining together to create a new level of achievement in the overall improvement of all aspects of life to which its attention is focused. The company is also cognizant that a growing company requires both ongoing expansion of quality people and needed capital.

Personnel are being reviewed at all times and the additions of performance based people are always added to our network. Appropriate announcements will be made when deemed most effective. You are invited to contact us should you have a desire to grow with us.

The company's future capital needs are being addressed with the anticipation of private offerings in public equity otherwise known as PIPE offerings. Likewise, alliances with other ethical capital raising groups is always under review. Private placements are also being considered. The company is attempting to align itself with those most knowledgeable to accomplish this end. The company has a goal to attain more transparency to accomplish better disclosure. All of these efforts are designed to increase share liquidity to achieve respectability in the financial market place.

Details on up to date filings can be found at

At the present time, the current activities are presented on the Corporate Activities Page.

Current Corporate officers and Directors are:

John V. Cappello, D.O., M.B.A,-CEO

George Hebert- President

Michael Studer, CPA- Secretary/Treasurer

Other candidates are constantly under review.