Summary of Corporate Activities

Corporate Activities
From November 2014 the Company has been under constant development. These efforts have resulted in laying the groundwork for future potentially successful ventures under the guidance of the Company holding corporation management guidance.

A brief outline follows:

1. In 2015 the Company launched its SAS Health and Beauty Subsidiary activities. This first effort led to the development of a facial lift spray that, in our opinion acts like Botox(R) for a day. (Botox is a Registered Trademark of Allergan). In addition, the product we now call SAS Facial Lift Spray has been demonstrated by test users to have long term positive facial benefits when used daily. It continues to be test marketed at Our goal is to continue to gather user data, dynamically repackage the product and eventually offer it on a large scale through a product Infomercial. The Company believes this is a potential market in excess of $100,000,000. Once properly funded, the Company is expecting to pursue this goal.

2. A second business venture subsidiary in which the company has established for a goal is to enter into venture capital funding as well as help boot strap start up companies with projects that appear to have successful merits. In line with that effort the Company created in 2016. Shark Venture Capital produced a half dozen pilot shows and plans to further develop the concept when proper funding becomes available.

3. A third project which the Company believes will add a further revenue stream is Castle Royalties Corp. (CRP). CRP controls eight patents related to fields such as weight loss, increasing adult stem cells a the bodys natural renewal system and products designed to assist in extending human longevity in healthful and natural ways. These patents are exclusively licensed to SAS Health and Beauty Corp (SAS). and marketed through another division of SAS as outlined in the information that follows. CRP also will license these products on a non exclusive basis to other companies who brand the products differently in a way as not to compete with SAS. The Company believes that over time, these royalties have the potential to become substantial.

4. The most recent project launched by the Company this past year through its SAS subsidiary is We believe we have the ability to be the leader in this space under the following concept: As we age, the body releases fewer and fewer ADULT STEM CELLS which are the bodys rebuilding tools. STEM CELL NUTRITION helps overcome the Ageing Process by promoting the release of additional ADULT STEM CELLS in the body. Our products are oriented to this theme and our website has been attracting new distributors daily. We are licensed through CRP and believe we are the only marketer offering such patent protected patents that are combined with a daily vitamin that a major portion of populations in the USA and abroad need.

The above outline is simply a sketch of where we are as well as offering the concept of how we intend to build the Company. We intend to both make our projects self funding over the long haul and raise additional capital to further advance our Company goals in an organized and successful way.