Castle Holding Corp...

The Company
is a publicly traded company incorporated in the state of Nevada in 1986. The Company ticker symbol is CHOD.

The Company
chart has come under new control and intends to move forward with a new vision. That vision is expected to include:

  • Acquiring positions in growing companies, whether public or private, to increase the net asset value of the Company.
  • Developing subsidiaries of the Company to increase consolidated income of the Company.
  • To spin out as a dividend to Company shareholders registered and/or unregistered shares of other companies that have merit. This would aid those other companies to enter the public trading market to provide the ability for those companies to more easily raise capital and/or have an exit strategy.
  • As a direct benefit of vision number 3, the Company intends to retain a certain percent of equity in each spinout dividend that would be accomplished. This would not only be directed to increase the net asset value of the Company, but also potentially provide capital gains for the Company.
  • Management consulting for companies and individuals seeking a strategy or strategic partner.

In this development stage period, the Company is open to obtain feedback from entrepreneurs, investors and companies desiring our assistance as well as any other relevant ideas. To do so simply complete the Contact Us form. Our website is continually being developed and updated, so please check back from time to time.

Be advised that nothing expressed on this website is intended to be a solicitation to buy or sell any security.

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